5. A Cheerleader's Dream

Kelly has been cheering since she was in school. She is now in her last year college cheering for her school's sports teams. She to be a professional cheerleader for the Lakers . That was her dream. Her parents wanted her do something more normal, like becoming a nurse working at a law firm. Kelly ignored her .

Kelly and her teammates were cheering at their basketball game. When Kelly stood on top of teammate's shoulder, she fell down. Everyone was silent. teammates checked up on her and asked if was okay. Kelly had to be taken to hospital. Her leg was permanently injured. "Can I be a professional cheerleader?"she asked. "I'm afraid you ," the doctor said. Kelly felt that life was .

Kelly was scared for the future. All of friends already knew what they wanted to do college. Kelly had to change her plans. She canceled her audition with the Lakers cheerleaders. Kelly about what she wanted to do for a . She still wanted to do something related to . After some thinking, Kelly wanted to be a for high school cheerleaders.