4. Losing a Loved One

Abby lost her mom yesterday. Her mom got a car accident. A drunk driver hit her 's car. The drunk driver is now in jail. visited the jail to make him feel bad. " know what you did, right?" Abby asked. The driver nodded and said, "I'm sorry." He started . "'Sorry' is not going to bring my mom . Your carelessness took away my mom."

The drunk continued to cry. "I drank, because I was lonely." Abby was mad and left the jail. didn't want to see his face ever again. wanted him to go to jail for life. could barely wake up. She requested to take week off her work. She loved her job, she could not stop thinking about her mom.

's husband told her to do something instead of TV all day. Abby agreed with him. It time for her to start doing something productive. wanted to do something that would make her proud. Abby created a program to prevent drunk . She wanted to give drunk people free rides. visited colleges, clubs, and bars all across the to encourage people not to drive when drinking.