85. The Hard Truth


Harold loved to draw. His love for drawing started when he was five years old. He went to a museum when he was five years old and was fascinated by all the drawings. His mom told him that maybe someday his art would be up on the walls. Since then, he had drawn something every day. However, there was one big problem. Harold was not good at drawing. He wasn't terrible, but he was definitely average.

Harold is now 10 years old, and for five years his parents and friends have been telling him how great he is. Harold believed them. At school, he saw a flyer for a drawing competition among 5th graders. The theme was environmental awareness. The 1st place winner would get $100. Harold was super excited when he saw the flyer. It was a chance for him to show off his skills.

Harold told his parents about the competition. His mom and dad nervously looked at each other. They didn't want him to find out that he was actually not a good artist. They told Harold what they really thought of his artwork. "So you don't think I'm good?" he asked. They shook their heads. Harold was so upset that he tore up his art. He locked himself in his room. At night, his parents went to his room to give him his dinner. "Son, we feel really bad. We think it's great that you want to keep drawing, so your mother and I decided to sign you up for art lessons," Harold's dad said. Harold ran up to his parents and gave them a hug.

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