80. July 4th Plans


The Fourth of July was a big deal to the Griffins. Every year, they would have a huge celebration at their house with their friends and family. First, everyone would watch a movie. Then, they would eat hot dogs for lunch. Afterwards, they would play games. Some of the games they played together included tug of war, flag football, and trust exercises. After playing games, they ate dinner. Dinner was usually barbeque ribs, corn, and green beans.

During dinner, the Griffins would talk about life updates and current events. The big news this year was that Lilah Griffin was engaged to the CEO of a world famous company. Lilah Griffin was going to be rich. She was going to move to Beverly Hills. Her uncle asked if she was going to quit her job. Lilah said she would not because she would get bored staying at home.

After dinner, the Griffins would watch the fireworks. They had a good view of the fireworks. This year, they decided to make their own fireworks, too. The fireworks came in a lot of different colors, like blue, red, and purple. The fireworks weren't as big as the ones at the park, but they were still nice.

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