74. First Day as a Tutor


Bethany decided that she would spend all the summer earning money as a tutor. She put up flyers around elementary schools in her neighborhood. She was offering lessons in Spanish, French, and Italian. Bethany grew up travelling the world, so she knew how to speak a lot of languages. She would charge her customers $25 per hour. Someone called Bethany. It was a girl asking for lessons in Italian.

Bethany drove down to the girl's house on Saturday. The student lived in a huge mansion! Bethany went inside the house and introduced herself. "I'm Megan," the girl said. Bethany first started teaching her the basics, like how to introduce yourself and saying "thank you." Megan had a hard time pronouncing the words. Bethany repeated them until she could say them correctly.

Megan started to get upset and blamed Bethany for teaching her incorrectly. Bethany was insulted. She had been speaking and writing in Italian since she was four years old. "Megan, why don't you take a short break and come back to this?" Bethany suggested. Hopefully that would calm her down. "Why don't you take a long break and get out of here?" Megan said. Bethany left her house, she didn't need to take insults from a teenager.

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