68. A Hot Risk


It is 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Los Angeles, California today. Toby had made plans to go hiking today. His mom told him not to go because it was too hot. Toby still wanted to go. Toby and his friend drove up to the hiking trail. When they got out of the car, they felt the hotness immediately. "Toby, I'm starting to sweat already," his friend said. "You'll be fine, just drink water," Toby said.

As they started walking, they noticed that the plants were all brown. They all died! There were not a lot of people hiking either. Toby's friend started to put sunscreen on. "Want some?" he asked. Toby said, "I don't get burned." "Well, suit yourself," his friend said. As they continued walking, the trail was getting steeper and steeper. "Hey Bryan, remember that one time your mom hiked with us?" Toby asked. It was completely silent. Toby turned around. Bryan was on the ground! He had fainted.

Toby called 911. When they came, they told Toby that Bryan fainted from the heat. "You shouldn't be out on a day like this," the emergency response team said. Toby rode with Bryan to the hospital. Toby even sat beside Bryan as he was unconscious. An hour later, Bryan was up. Toby hugged him. "You're totally red!" Bryan said. Toby looked in the mirror and saw that his face was sunburnt.

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