66. Vegetarian Family


Myron was a meat lover and Nick was a veggie lover. Not only is Nick a veggie lover, but he is a vegetarian. It makes things hard for Myron and Nick's parents to prepare meals for them. The parents liked meat, but when they make something like chicken, they have to prepare something different for Nick. It was extra work.

The family was recently invited to a friend's barbeque party. Nick didn't want to go, because he knew that everyone would ask why he wasn't eating meat. "Honey, just come. There will be mashed potatoes and corn," his mom said. "I know, Mom, but I just don't want to explain to everyone why I'm a vegetarian," Nick said. "Everyone there wants to see how you're doing," his mom said.

"You know what, Nick? Why don't we all become vegetarians for this whole month?" We can all explain together why we're vegetarians. It'll be healthier for us, too!" his dad said. Nick appreciated his dad's suggestion. "That's too hard for me," Myron said. "Well Myron, it would be good if you laid off the meat for a while," Nick said. The boys and their parents went to the barbeque party and didn't eat meat. They felt surprisingly good!

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