48. The Vote for Swim captain


Benjamin and Kyle had just made their speeches to be swim captain. "Alright, all those who want Kyle as your captain raise your hand," the swim coach said. Five people raised their hands. "All those for Benjamin, raise your hand," the swim coach said. Thirty people raised their hands. Everyone congratulated Benjamin and chanted his name. Kyle was upset and left school early.

Benjamin went to Kyle's house after school. He knocked on Kyle's door. Kyle opened it. "Hey man, what's up?" Kyle said. "Were you ever going to tell me that you said I'd be a terrible captain to the whole swim team?" Benjamin angrily asked. Kyle did not know that Benjamin found out about the betrayal. "I'm sorry, man. I wanted to be the captain so badly." "I thought we were best friends. How could you do that?" Benjamin asked. Kyle shook his head in shame. "The truth is, I was jealous of you. You're a great swimmer, you're the smartest one in our class, and everyone likes you."

"Kyle, you're pretty great, too. Girls like you, your swim technique is amazing, and you know how to get what you want," Benjamin said. "Can you forgive me? I'm really sorry." Kyle said. "Yeah, but let's talk about it over dinner. I'm starving!" Benjamin said. Kyle and Benjamin went to a restaurant they had been going to since they were 10 years old.

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