19. Secret Relationship


Diane and Bobby are dating. Diane's dad does not know that they are dating. He doesn't want Diane to date until she is in college. It's hard for Diane to hide her relationship. Every time she wants to go out with him, she has to tell her dad she is going out with friends. Every time Bobby gives her presents, Diane has to hide them. Her dad is getting suspicious.

Bobby is upset that Diane is hiding their relationship from her dad. Bobby feels like Diane is embarrassed to be with him. Bobby wants to meet Diane's dad. He decides to take matters into his own hands. After school, he goes to Diane's house. Diane is still at school, because she has violin practice. Bobby knocks on the door slowly. His hands are shaking.

Diane's dad opens the door. "How can I help you?" Bobby doesn't say anything for a minute. "Are you going to talk or what?" Diane's dad angrily asks. "Sir, I am dating your daughter," Bobby says. Diane's dad frowns. "Break up with her immediately. She's too young to be dating!" Bobby is sad. He tells Diane that they have to keep lying about their relationship to her dad. "I know," Diane says.

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