3. She Has a Unibrow


Marissa was born with a physical imperfection. She has a unibrow. A unibrow is one long brow. Most people have two eyebrows. People make fun of her for having a unibrow. A lot of people don't want to be friends with her. She does have two good friends though. Heather and Joe are Marissa's best friends. They accept Marissa for who she is.

Heather was approached by the popular kids. The leader of the popular kids was Amy. Amy offered Heather a spot in her group if she left Marissa. Heather thought about it. Although she loved Marissa, she always dreamed of being popular. She told Amy that she had to think about the offer.

Heather told Joe what happened. Joe was mad that Heather had to even think about it. "You have been friends with Marissa forever," Joe said. Heather thought about it. She thought about all the times she and Marissa did homework together, ate together, and laughed together. It wasn't worth it to give all that up for popularity. She called Amy. "I'm never leaving Marissa, she's beautiful on the inside." After talking to Amy, Heather asked Marissa and Joe to hang out.

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