36. A Photo Collage


Dianne wanted to get Tina a gift. She wanted to get Tina something meaningful. At first, she wanted to buy her something. She knew Tina wanted a designer bag for a long time. Dianne did not think it was meaningful enough. She wanted to give something that came from the heart. She decided to make a photo collage.

She got old photos of them over 10 years. She cut them out, and glued them on a cardboard piece. It was not expensive to make. Dianne wrapped the gift up. She gave it to Tina. "I hope you like it," Dianne said. Tina opened it. She stared at the collage. Dianne could tell she did not like it. Tina smiled. "Love it," she said. "I can tell you're lying," Dianne said. "Fine. I just thought you would give me something better," Tina said.

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