22. Ice-cream and Yogurt

Yogurt tastes sweet. Ice-cream is also sweet. likes to eat yogurt. Her friend likes eat ice-cream. Her friend is a guy. favorite flavor of ice-cream is chocolate. He not like yogurt. Her favorite flavor of was strawberry. She did not like ice-cream. day, she asked him a question: "Have tried chocolate flavored yogurt?" Her friend decided try it. They went to a yogurt together. He bought a cup of yogurt. was chocolate flavored. He sprinkled peanuts on yogurt. He tasted the yogurt. He liked . He asked her a question: "Have you strawberry flavored ice-cream?" She said she didn't, wanted to try it. One night, they to an ice-cream shop together. She bought ice-cream cone. It was strawberry flavored. She the ice-cream. She liked it. They both liked ice-cream and yogurt.