35. Shopping at the Mall


He went to the mall. He needed clothes to wear. Summer was nearing. He brought a list. It was a list of clothes to buy. He looked at the list. He needed t-shirts. He entered a store. The name of the store was "Summer Shirts". He bought ten shirts. They were different colors. Three of the shirts were blue. Another three were red. Two of the shirts were white The last two were black. He crossed shirts off his list. He needed pants. He walked into a store. The name of the store was "Fancy Pants". He purchased five pairs of pants. Two pants were blue jeans. Another two were tan slacks. The last ones were brown khakis. He crossed pants off his list. He just needed shoes. He walked into a shoe store. He saw sandals. He bought sandals instead of regular shoes. He was now ready for summer.

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