32. Meeting a Jazz Artist at a Record Store


She went inside the music store. The music store sold all kinds of things. It sold records, compact disks, posters, and clothing. She loved listening to music. Her favorite kind of music was Jazz. She collected old Jazz records. Her collection had hundreds of records. She started collecting records at a young age. She was fifteen when she got her first Jazz record. Her dad had given it to her. It was a birthday present. She fell in love with Jazz music that day. There was a special guest at the music store. He was a famous Jazz artist. She was excited to see him. She owned all his records. His name was Miles Davis. He was a musical genius. She brought one of his records. It was her favorite record. There was a line to see the Jazz artist. She waited in line. She met Miles Davis. He smiled and signed her record. She could not believe what had happened.

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