17. Learning to Roller-Skate


It was three o'clock. She was learning how to roller-skate. She had always wanted to learn. She could not afford to buy roller-skates before. Now, she was older. She had a job. She bought her first pair of roller-skates yesterday. It is never too late to learn anything. She was at the park. She put on protective clothing. She wore a helmet and kneepads. "Always safety first," she said to herself. She slipped on her roller-skates. She got on her feet and skated away. She held on a railing at first. It was scary wearing roller-skates. With practice, she improved. Days later, she was roller-skating naturally. It was so much fun. She tripped and fell a few times. She got up every time and tried again. She never got hurt. Her helmet and kneepads protected her from injury. Roller-skating was so much fun.

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