"Tutor" won one first place and one second place in International Loebner Prize 2013 Contest in AI
"Tutor" won one first place and one fourth place in International Loebner Prize 2011 Contest in AI
"Tutor" won the third place in 2010 Chatterbox Challenge

Practice English with Mike
Mike is very smart. You can ask him any questions. When you want to practice the conversations of the topic you are studying at www.eslfast.com/robot/, type in "Let's practice topic ..." or "I'd like to practice topic ..." You must type the exact name of the topic. e.g. Let's practice topic Weather (2). When you are acting as A and Robot Mike is B, you must type in the exact sentence in the conversation, including the punctuation. If you make a mistake, it is not controlled practice of the conversation anymore. In that case, you need to type "Let's practice topic ..." again to get the robot back on track.

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