The 100 American People You Should Know

1. George Washington: The Father of His Country
2. Henry Ford: The Founder of Ford Motor Company
3. Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil Rights Leader
4. Bill Gates: The Man behind Microsoft
5. Michael Jordan: A Famous Basketball Star
6. Babe Ruth: The Greatest Baseball Player
7. Kobe Bryant: The Incredible Basketball Star
8. Tiger Woods: A Great American Golf Champion
9. Jesse Owens: The Man Who Defied Hitler
10. Steven Spielberg: Hollywood's Best Director
11. Michael Jackson: A Controversial Pop Star
12. Mickey Mouse: The World Famous Cartoon Character
13. Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Line
14. Van Halen: From Garage Band to Superstardom
15. Jane Fonda: American Patriot or Traitor?
16. Barry Bonds: Cheater or Legend?
17. Mike Tyson: The Youngest Boxing Champ
18. Barack Obama: America's First Black President
19. Yao Ming: Bigger than Life
20. Oprah Winfrey: Her Incredible Life
21 - 40
41 - 60
61 - 80
81 - 100

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