The 100 American People You Should Know

1. George Washington: The Father of His Country
2. Henry Ford: The Founder of Ford Motor Company
3. Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil Rights Leader
4. Bill Gates: The Man behind Microsoft
5. Michael Jordan: A Famous Basketball Star
6. Babe Ruth: The Greatest Baseball Player
7. Kobe Bryant: The Incredible Basketball Star
8. Tiger Woods: A Great American Golf Champion
9. Jesse Owens: The Man Who Defied Hitler
10. Steven Spielberg: Hollywood's Best Director
11. Michael Jackson: A Controversial Pop Star
12. Mickey Mouse: The World Famous Cartoon Character
13. Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Line
14. Van Halen: From Garage Band to Superstardom
15. Jane Fonda: American Patriot or Traitor?
16. Barry Bonds: Cheater or Legend?
17. Mike Tyson: The Youngest Boxing Champ
18. Barack Obama: America's First Black President
19. Yao Ming: Bigger than Life
20. Oprah Winfrey: Her Incredible Life
21. Abraham Lincoln: America's Greatest President
22. Muhammad Ali: The Greatest Boxer
23. Carl Sagan: Visionary Astronomer
24. Beyonce Knowles: Beauty and Talent Personified
25. Jack Kevorkian: Hero or Murderer?
26. Amelia Earhart: America's Lost Heroine
27. Charles Lindbergh: A Superstar Pilot
28. Susan B. Anthony: The First Women's Rights Activist
29. Bill Clinton: Popular Modern American President
30. Forrest Gump: An American Film Legend
31. Lance Armstrong: American Hero or Villain?
32. Thomas Jefferson: An American Patriot
33. Russell Crowe: A Great Hollywood Leading Man
34. Arnold Schwarzenegger: From Terminator to Governor
35. Johnny Depp: An Unusual Talent
36. Donald Sterling: The Controversial Billionaire
37. Magic Johnson: From Superstar to Businessman
38. Phil Jackson: Winning at All Levels
39. Jerry Springer: The Man Behind the Show
40. The Wright Brothers: The Fathers of Aviation
41. John Lennon: A Founding Member of the Beatles
42. D.B. Cooper: The Infamous Skyjacker
43. O.J. Simpson: American Hero and Villain
44. Billie Jean King: An Advocate of Equal Rights for Women
45. Madonna: A Musical Legend
46. Neil Armstrong: The Man who Walked on the Moon
47. Mark Twain: A Great American Author
48. Christopher Reeve: A Real-Life Superman
49. Richard M. Nixon: A Presidency Lost
50. Clint Eastwood: A Filmmaker Like No Other
51. Michael Moore: Exposing the Truth
52. Bill Maher: Mr. Liberal
53. Cesar Chavez: The Voice of Equality
54. Hugh Hefner: The Greatest Playboy
55. Tom Hanks: A Great American Actor
56. Johnny Carson: The Late Night King of TV
57. Helen Keller: Overcoming Disability
58. Elvis Presley: The King of Rock 'n' Roll
59. Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Emancipator
60. Audie Murphy: An American War Hero
61. Jonas Salk: The Man who Cured the World
62. Chuck Yeager: Faster than the Speed of Sound
63. Steve Jobs: The Man and His Apple Computers
64. Meg Whitman: CEO and Political Hopeful
65. Mark Zuckerberg: The Social Revolutionist
66. Jeff Bezos: Creator
67. Larry Page: The Man who gave the World Google
68. Vin Scully: The Voice of the L.A. Dodgers
69. Robin Williams: Behind the Laughter
70. Benjamin Franklin: Invention Personified
71. Walt Disney: The Man Behind Mickey Mouse
72. Bob Hope: Hollywood Legend
73. Andrew Carnegie: From Rags to Riches
74. Ursula Burns: From Poverty to the Fortune 500
75. Jim Carrey: From Homeless to Superstardom
76. Ray Charles: The Man and His Music
77. Lucille Ball: America's Sweetheart
78. Usher: The Man and his Music
79. Rudy Giuliani: The Man Who Saved New York
80. Pat Tillman: The Greatest Sacrifice
81. Lyndon B. Johnson: 36th President of the U.S.
82. George S. Patton: World War II Hero
83. Ronald Reagan: From Actor to President
84. George Lucas: The Man Behind Star Wars
85. Franklin D. Roosevelt: A President at War
86. Albert Einstein: Intelligence Personified
87. Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor of the Telephone
88. George Washington Carver: From Slave to Inventor
89. Dwight D. Eisenhower: From General to President
90. Maya Angelou: American Author
91. Billy Graham: Evangelist and Civil Rights Advocate
92. George H.W. Bush: From Pilot to President
93. George W. Bush: Controversial President
94. Rush Limbaugh: The Right-Wing Personified
95. Marilyn Monroe: Glamour and Beauty
96. Frank Sinatra: Ol' Blue Eyes
97. Shirley Temple: From Child Star to Diplomat
98. Harrison Ford: The Great American Actor
99. James Bond: Filmdom's Greatest Spy
100. David Letterman: Late Night Comedy

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